Friday, July 26, 2013

Violet Laine: 7 Month Snapshot

Our baby girl is up to so much these days it won't fit on a little chalkboard anymore. I know there's technically no name for the transition from infant to toddler, but she's there in the middle. Wherever that is. Whatever it's called. She's so interested in what's going on around her and tries her best to get in the mix.

She can regularly be heard babbling away, talking about something or another. Often times she gets stuck on da da da da and now ba ba ba ba. I'm waiting to hear her sweet voice sing my name, but until then we're just enjoying her melodic little voice singing whatever syllable happens to roll off of her tongue. Our little miss got her first two teeth last month {I missed her 6 month snapshot...whoops!} and makes the silliest faces as she adjusts to the jagged intruders that keep growing higher in her mouth. She's notorious for her "lizard tongue" routine where she rubs her tongue over her teeth, quickly in and out of her mouth, all while smiling her gorgeous little smile.

She's gotten to be quite mobile these days too. Sitting up unassisted is my very favorite! It's wonderful to know that I can leave her sitting and playing for a moment and not have to worry about her toppling over. She's quite adept at going from sitting to all four's and loves to rock on her hands and knees. Just last night, we watched her practice her balance and lift one arm to move it forward as to crawl. Guys--I'm soooo not ready for her to be mobile, but it's coming and very soon! She already pulls herself up whenever she can and loves to stand unassisted at Burke's toy box or other standing toys. She watches every move her brother makes, so it's not wonder she's doing what she's doing. Watching babies grow and learn is the most miraculous and wonderful thing!

She's still not a fan of food, bottles or sleeping through the night. At times, she's pure drama. But she's also so pleasant, content and {mostly} easy going. She literally wakes up with a smile and her joy is contagious. She's a mama's girl for sure and while I'm flattered, she's earned herself many an eye roll these past few months! :) Some of Burke's favorite names for her are: Violet {usually pronounced VI-o-let...all three syllables emphasized}, Sissy, Sweetie Pie, and The Woman.

She's so much fun and such a sweet addition to our family. Can't wait to see what the next month holds!