Friday, May 10, 2013

The {Very Factual, Historical, Proven} Story of Mother's Day

Once upon a time, there was a conniving, clearly unwed holiday inventor who decided to wreak havoc on nice little families. And so he {or she} invented a new holiday called Mother's Day. And he {or she} made up the rules and said that sons and daughter were supposed to honor their mothers on this day by buying them nice presents, taking them to fancy restaurants, giving them lovely bouquets of expensive flowers. And on top of that, sons and daughters were to make sure to visit their mothers on this very special and important day, because then they would know that they were really loved. And so, this conniving, clearly unwed holiday inventor sat back and enjoyed the fruit of his {or her} labor. He {or she} watched as sons got chewed out by their mothers for going to their mother-in-law's that day. Daughters were given the silent treatment and guilted to death for being "fair" to their mother-in-law who had made it clear where her son {the daughter's husband} should be spending his Mother's Day. And the more it spiraled out of control, the more this conniving, clearly unwed holiday inventor laughed and cackled and danced with pleasure.

But then there came a day when this one mother--a new mother {and a daughter in the rat race described above}--said ENOUGH!!! I CHOSE TO BE A MOTHER. My child didn't choose me. It was my destiny. My desire. To love and to hold. To protect and to nurture. To teach and to learn. To have and to give. To cuddle and cry. To cheer and to pray. To steward and treasure. And each day that I do this is mother's day to me. With each wound that I kiss and each tear that I wipe, I know that I am Mama and Mama makes it right. With soft soothing lullabies and a warm embrace, I know that I am Mama and Mama does the best goodnight. With every story I read and meal that I make, I know that I am Mama and Mama does it just right. And those soft sweet hands that reach out to me are all that I need to feel complete. I don't need presents or flowers or even your time. My heart never empties of love for you and I want you to know that I am fine. Whatever you do, wherever you go... Have fun. Be you. I love you so. 

The conniving, clearly unwed holiday inventor was stymied at last. If more mothers were like this one then havoc would cease. What would he {or she} do in a world filled with peace? Create Father's Day, of course!

Wishing all of you mamas a wonderful, extra special Mother's Day! 

{p.s. I love my mother and mother-in-law dearly and they should not take offense at this silly story. I blame the conniving, clearly unwed holiday inventor for any sore feelings!}                      

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