Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Burke's first glimpse of the ocean
 I know I've been silent these past few months. I've been working on a lot of things behind the scenes this Summer which I hope to have up and running this Fall. Thanks for bearing with me!

We just returned from a wonderful vacation at the Outer Banks. Our first time there and Burke's first time to the beach that he can remember {because there's no way he remembers being there when he was 6 weeks old!!}. The kids were more amazing than I could have imagined on the drive there and back and had so much fun making new friends, eating sand and drinking the salty clear ocean. It was a time of relaxing and refreshment for the Mr. and me too. We shared a house with four other couples and their little ones--my hubby's college friends--and the fellowship was perfect.

Our vacation was bittersweet. It was both the highlight of our summer and the end wrapped up in one. The hubster started back to work on Monday and is gearing up to shape the lives of a new fifth grade class. I admire him so much for the work he does. It's such an important job and one he does so well!

Before I had Violet I would sometimes think about the impact a sibling would have on Burke. Was it fair to him? Would it be the best thing that ever happened to him? I wasn't quite sure until one day toward the end of my pregnancy I heard God say that it was good. Because God made Burke to be a lover and having a sibling would help him begin fulfilling his destiny. And you know what? It's so true! Violet was perhaps the best gift we could have given Burke (and visa versa, I'm sure). Now that she's more mobile and interactive, I really have the joy of seeing his love in action. He begs to play with Violet. And this morning, while I was sitting on the couch nursing Violet, Burke climbed up beside me because he wanted to see her. And then, out of nowhere other than his sweet little heart, he said "Hi, Violet. Hi, Cutie Pie!" and laid his head on her body. It was so tender and sweet. Guys, seriously, this is what I live for. My heart was so complete in that moment and I am so thankful!

Have a great day!


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