Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Violet Laine: 9 Month Snapshot

Mobile. Content. Happy. Noisy. These are the top words that describe our little beauty this month.

Mobile. She has {and continues to} amazed us over these past two months {I never got her 8 month snapshot posted} as she's gone from sitting, to crawling, to pulling herself up on everything and now to cruising. She seems to have so effortlessly mastered her body in such  a short amount of time. She's always so sure of herself--every step, reach or squat is planned and with purpose. Unlike her brother, she seems to have made peace with her limitations and is content with her progress.

Content. This girl embodies the word completely. Since my only experience is with Burke, I didn't know it was really possible for babies to entertain themselves and obey on the first "no". But it is! Violet loves to bee-bop around a room {usually the kitchen, since that's where I'm working}, babbling, standing, sitting, exploring. Just doing her thing. Whatever that may be. She can do this--without even playing with toys--for long periods of time which just amazes me. And if she gets near something she shouldn't, I just have to say "Violet, No." and she stops, looks at me, and goes on about her business. It's like it doesn't even cross her mind to go back to it or disobey. It's a wonderful thing and I'm so thankful for her sweet spirit. 

Happy. She has always been a happy baby, but there was quite a long period of time in which she would go crazy drama for anyone but her mama. I'm happy to report that she has now outgrown this stage and has the most adorable smile ready to flash on moments notice to anyone in sight. She got her top four teeth all at once this month and her smile has gotten only so much more beautiful! One of the most delightful little things she does is her sweet little wave. She loves to wave. To anyone, everyone, no one and nothing at all. I love to catch her caught up in her own little world and just waving, talking and loving life.

Noisy. The Woman loves to talk. Babble all the time. Almost as soon as I posted her last snapshot, she began saying "mama". This is how it went: she learned how to pull herself to standing in her pack and play and would cry "mamamamamama" in the most pathetically sad voice with her face smushed up against the mesh side. I told you, she's drama. Since then, it's evolved into a more lyrical tone and whether she's talking in syllables, nonsense or grunting, groaning {she cannot eat quietly!!}, chanting or blowing raspberries, she's a noisy little thing for sure! These are sounds that make me smile and I enjoy each one! {Thankfully my kids generally sleep through each others' noise}. 

She's started eating table food although she still doesn't eat enough to sustain her. But we're getting there!!! Still not a fan of sleeping through the night {or even napping much these days--I blame teeth}. And she and Burke adore each other more and more each day. The more she is able to do, the more fun she is for him. He loves to play with her and teach her. And he assures her when she's upset. They are such joy. I'm so glad to be their mama!

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