Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This past Sunday, we picked out and chopped down our Christmas tree. Burke is now at an age where these adventures are exciting and he looks forward to these special moments with gusto. I loved being together as a family and watching him drink in the whole experience. He's at a very special age where events start becoming memories and he cracks me up every time he starts a sentence with "Mama, you remember…?" So many of the conversations between my hubby and me center around the traditions we want to start with our family. We talk about the traditions that were important to us over the years and talk about how we want to incorporate or change or make new ones with our kids. Traditions are important for so many reasons. They build relationship within our family. They foster identity and purpose and they give us reason to celebrate. And perhaps the most special part of traditions is that they give us cause to remember. As Burke was helping Ben string the lights on our tree last night, I overheard the sweetest thing. Ben was telling Burke about his grandparents whom Burke never had the opportunity to meet. And he was fondly recalling traditions and relationships and memories that he held close to his heart. And as he "helped" string the lights, Burke listened and absorbed and created a memory that will become a tradition.

What are some of the traditions your family shares?

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