Thursday, August 9, 2012

Naturally Sweet?

Like sugar? Get a load of this:

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth
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When I stumbled across this infogram, I must admit I felt a bit sick to my stomach. The fact that our kids are consuming nearly 3 times the amount of sugar recommended daily makes me just so sad! No wonder we are facing epidemics such as childhood obesity!

We are a soda-free house. Mainly because we {thankfully} don't like the taste of it. My son has never tasted anything but water or milk in his 14-months on this planet. He's just like his mama in that he loves his water! As for the way we eat, I try to be intentional about replacing white processed sugar with more natural alternatives. I've used honey, maple syrup, cane sugar, agave nectar, maple sugar and  xylitol {birch sugar} to date. Since some baked goods just don't look appetizing with brown cane sugar {last year's peach jam is an off-putting shade of orangish-brown, but still tastes delicious} I do keep a bag of Wholesome Sweetners Fair Trade Certified organic sugar on hand. However, even this "white" sugar still has more of an unrefined blonde color.

While it's true that there are many products on the shelf that claim to be sugar-free, they are laden with artificial sweeteners rather than natural sweeteners and come with their own set of problems. {A whole other discussion}

While I cannot say that we are entirely free from sugar {although I generally prefer savory over sweet, if you make me a coconut cream pie or a gooey-bottomed shoofly pie, I will happily devour both in minutes} I can say that it is my goal to be more intentional about our consumption, especially for my children. My goal for this season is to eliminate the sugar from my canned fruits and to can them using their own natural juice or even just water instead.

What is your goal to reduce your sugar consumption? How have you already taken steps to replace sugar with natural sweeteners?

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