Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Steps Toward Sustainability: Cloth Diapering

If you know me at all, then you probably know that, too often, I quickly proclaim I will NEVER... only to find myself doing that very thing I just swore never to do. And while I'm sure I'll find myself in this position again at one point or another, I've really taken extra caution to avoid such comments since I've become a mama. {I hope I never hear myself say My kid would never...}

Growing up as the oldest of 7 kids in a home parented by a rather old-fashioned perspective, I begrudged each diaper change since they involved those blasted diaper pins! My fingers were always the sacrificial pin cushion. Needless to say, I confidently proclaimed quite a few times that I would NEVER use cloth diapers on my kids! Disposable diapers were much more civilized. And afterall, aren't we supposed to be making forward progress?

But there I was, expecting my first child and proudly announcing {like it had been my idea all along} that I would be using cloth diapers on my baby. And just as quickly, I also pointed out that I would not be using the dinosaurs of the past. No weapon-like hateful-looking diaper pins in my future, much to my husband's relief. No ugly rubber pants either! After a few months of researching cloth diapering options, we went with the Fuzzi Bunz all-in-one one-size diapers. Snaps instead of pins. Adjustable elastic around the legs and back to allow the diaper to fit 5 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds. And the best part was that they came in all sorts of brilliant colors.

They make great swim diapers too!
We have had such a great experience with our Fuzzi Bunz and have made every skeptic a convert in the process. Not only have we saved hundreds of dollars by not having to buy disposable diapers every week or month, but we feel good about the fact that we're not contributing bags full of stinky diapers to the landfill each week. Our son has not had a diaper rash even once in his 14 months. What’s even better is that our diapers don't look like they've been soiled after a good wash, and the more they're washed, the softer they get.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences with cloth diapers!

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  1. hi from shana's stepsister kari. i saw this on facebook and it seems like what i would write about. we use cloth diapers (its been almost 3 months) and i love them. we have prefolds and flip covers, and one fuzzibunz and some other pockets. we also use cloth wipes.