Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Few Things

Happy hump day! We're in Allentown visiting the inlaws and to celebrate my FIL's birthday. Today has been stellar on many levels: BOTH kiddos napped in the car this morning on our drive {Burke has given up morning naps and most car naps looooong ago}, it's gorgeous outside, Burke and his cousin Jake had some awesome wrestling matches and fun at the park, and both kiddos actually went down for an afternoon nap! {For Burke, this is AH-MAZING because he usually only crashes in foreign beds when he's toast}

In addition to my FIL, I'd like to give another birthday shoutout to my baby sister, Moriah, who turns 20 today. Even though 20 is pretty much a non-year and a 20th birthday is definitely a non-event, I hope she has a wonderful day and even better year! Cheers to next year!

Also, today is my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary! Woot Woot! Happy Anniversary M & D!! {guys--this means that I'm getting OLD!! Eek! They were only married for one year before I was born...} Wishing them many many more happy years and time to enjoy life now that most of their {extra-large} quiver have grown up.

Finally, I'm happy to say that my friend Becky, who blogs over at Mommy In Heels, agreed to be my guinea pig!! Ever since Ken Bruggeman's awesome photography workshop, I've been itching to do some more shooting {of still models and not the spastic hurricanes that are my littles}. So Becky agreed to let me shoot her gorgeous self and I'm thrilled with this fun collaboration. She gets photos for her blog {her hubby is probably breathing a sigh of relief now that he's off the hook--I know mine would!} and I get practice learning my way around my camera and trying to capture the beauty before me. You should definitely hop on over and check out her blog {and my photos!!}.

Happy Wednesday! Have a great day!!

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