Monday, June 10, 2013

Easy No-Sew Burlap Birthday Bunting {Tutorial}

Happy Monday! It's a dreary rainy and perfect day for recuperating from our busy birthday weekend! {It's nap time and the silence is beautiful...I can even hear the dog snoring!} We celebrated Burke's 2nd birthday on Saturday {post coming soon!} and although I was exhausted from planning, cooking and crafting for his big celebration it was such a pleasure to watch him enjoy his day. So while I'm still going through all of the pictures from our weekend and working on a post about his party, I thought I'd share a simple no-sew project you can whip up for your next party.

What you'll need:
>> burlap {a 1/4 yard should be more than sufficient}
>> a piece of paper to use as a pattern {unless you want to freehand your triangles}
>> twine, ribbon, or other material to use to create the bunting
>> fabric paint
>> paint brush
>> pencil, chopstick or other similar item to poke holes in the burlap
>> stencils {optional}

What you'll do:
>> Draw a triangle on a piece of paper and cut it out. This will be your pattern. {Make sure the triangle is long and wide enough to accommodate a letter plus two holes along the top--mine were about 4 in. at the widest part by 8 in. long}
>> Using your paper pattern, cut out enough triangles from the burlap to spell whatever sentiment you wish. I needed 13 triangles for my "happy birthday" bunting.
>> If you want to use stencils to get nice uniform lettering, this is the time to break them out. I opted to freehand my letters and I think they turned out pretty good. Make sure to lay down newspaper so that your paint doesn't ruin your work surface. I simply eyeballed the center of my burlap triangle and painted each letter in that spot. In order to keep my letters about the same size, I placed the triangle I was about to paint on top of one that had already been painted and outlined the shape of the letter using the bottom letter as a guide for height and width.
>> Once your letters have dried, take a pencil, chopstick or anything else that might be similar and poke two holes in the top of each triangle, about an inch down from the top. I tried to center my holes about 1 inch down and 1 inch in on each side. I used my first triangle as a guide for the rest.

>> Lastly, cut a piece of twine, ribbon or whatever you're using here as long as you need your bunting to be. I cut my twine about 6 feet long and had plenty on each end to help attach it to the table it decorated. Starting with your first letter, insert your twine up through the back of the first hole and across the front of the triangle back down through the second hole. Repeat this process until all of your letters have been strung.

Hang and enjoy! {PS--I snapped this photo quickly before any of the food hit the table so pardon the empty table}

What are some of the easy diy projects you have done for parties and celebrations? 

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