Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Because He Lives {Printable Easter Bag Topper}

Easter is right around the corner. First there's Spring. {WOO HOO} Then there's Easter. It feels like it gets earlier each year. And besides being beyond excited for warmer weather and a big and tasty Easter dinner, you know what these two things have in common for me?


There's just something about sunshine and warm temperatures that make my heart overflow with hope and fill my heart with joy. I can face the future and all of its uncertainties without thought. I can take my children outside and enjoy the fresh scent of the Springtime air. Nothing is wrong with the world when my ears are filled with the lyrical notes of their laughter and coos. We can celebrate the wonder of new life: baby animals, baby buds. No doubt about it, Springtime is magical.

And hope of salvation. A hope that fills my heart with an endless and unfathomable love. A love that is greater than me. That tells me I'm beautiful. Perfect. Worthy. Even when I fail. When I'm a hopeless mess. My Daddy sees me as He created me. He doesn't see me the way I do. And there is no greater hope than this.

So as you celebrate the glories of Spring and feast around the Easter table, I wish you a heart full of hope. I pray that you too believe that life is worth living simply because He lives.

{Since my heart-shaped lotion bars were such a hit on Valentine's Day, I decided to make Easter-themed lotion bars for friends and family. Feel free to use my "because he lives" bag toppers for your Easter treats. Click here to download.}

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