Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spirits Are High

This weather has been amazing!!! Our spirits are high and dinner most nights isn't served til bedtime because we have one little boy who demands to be outside. We had a wonderful weekend enjoying the warmer weather {our week so far has been great too} and I went overboard on photos since I'm {finally} learning to use the manual mode on my camera. It's been fun to see my photos improve and I hope that they'll continue to get better and better. Anyway, enjoy the photos of our weekend. Aren't those kiddos about the cutest you've ever seen? ;)


  1. GREAT photos, Tabitha! I love the one with the flag. My husband and I have said over and over...thank goodness for DIGITAL photos! We have thousands of pictures of Evie. It's wonderful to not have to be too picky about what we take a picture of. I find I get the best ones when I just keep snapping away while she's playing or something :) You have 2 happy babies!