Monday, April 1, 2013

Violet's Easter Dress, Failed Sibling Photo Shoot & An Epic Cake

I was determined to make Violet a dress for Easter. Truth be told, I was determined to make Violet a dress. Easter was just a good excuse and gave me a deadline {a necessity in my crazy toddler-drama-filled life}. I had a vision in my head of what it would look like. And I had some pretty fabric just waiting to be used. But I had never made a dress before...let alone designed one. So, it was time to see whether the image in my head could be brought to life. And happily, it didn't turn out too shabby.

I drew out my pattern using one of Violet's dresses as a size guide. I decided that since it was my first dress I'd keep it simple. So no sleeves. Plus, I knew she'd be wearing a sweater over top, so sleeves were really unnecessary. {Here is a really great tutorial on designing your own dress} 

I love the vintage feel of the material. I know--not traditional Easter hues but I do have a thing for nonconforming. In hindsight, I could have purchased some red bias tape and made my life a little easier. But I wanted to get the project finished and so I made my own bias tape {although I didn't really cut it on the bias like you're supposed to...but it worked for me and I don't think anyone is the wiser just looking at the dress}.

I have a huge obsession with granny squares right now and so I decided to whip one up to add to her dress for a unique little touch. I like the texture it adds to the dress. She likes the way it tastes.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Definitely happy that it fits her! And she looks happy wearing it! I decided to whip up a matching headband for her too with some of the thread I used for the granny square. I used this tutorial to make the no-sew flower--super quick and easy! 

I tried to get some pictures of my little Easter bunnies together, but that was a fail. Burke is a super uncooperative photo subject and will not pose for anything. {I had to bribe him with gummy treats just to get the few unruly photos I did get} This is why we pay Ken Bruggeman to take our photos. Somehow, he is capable of making an uncooperative subject look like a seasoned model.

And when you ask this silly toddler to show you his Easter smile, this is what you get. {I laugh every time}

Adorable. Irresistible. Devilsh and handsome. Oh my, he's a wonderful handful!

And then there's this cake...

If you like lemon, cheesecake, cake, and fluffy homemade cream cheese icing, then you better get your tush in the kitchen and whip this up for your next event. Seriously, a cheesecake stuffed cake is pretty much the most amazing idea ever. I couldn't find Meyer lemons, so I used regular lemons. And it was delicious. So incredibly delicious. Oh, and I'd recommend making a 10" cheesecake instead of 9" so that you can have a bowl full of cheesecake scraps to stash in your fridge for later.

Try it. You'll love it!

Hope you had a happy Easter! How did you spend the day?

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  1. Love everything about this dress! The style, fabric choice, and granny square! Even more so, the fact you made the pattern since I repeatedly fail at patterns! Thank you for sharing those links!